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STORM DAY! Friday, Feb. 8

Posted in math homework, PEI history homework by cmmacaulay on February 8, 2019

Our first cancellation of the new semester — since we’re still just getting started, you won’t be expected to do a great deal of work today … read below to find the expectations for each course.

Math 621A:

  • Complete from yesterday (if needed):  Page 395 #9, 10, 13*
  • Please take some time today/over the weekend to go back, fill in and complete the following pages and examples in your notes (so that you’ll have these for the first test and for the final exam, and I’ll check for these):
    • Functions Review (“T-shirts question”) – Page 6; Characteristics of Polynomial Functions – Pages 8-9 (we did this together in class, but you should fill in the info for domains, ranges, end behaviours, etc.), and the chart at the bottom of Page 9
  • Assignment #2 will be posted on the blog on Sunday (you won’t be able to do a whole lot with it, and we’ll work on it in class next week anyway)

Math 611B:

  • Complete from yesterday: Pages 76-77 #41-44 (part (b) only), 53 and 54 (part (a) only)
  • To prepare for Monday:  There is some information in your Section 2.2 notes about end behaviour models (or EBMs) – have a look through this, and also look at Examples 6 and 7, Pages 73-74 in the textbook
    • To try:  Page 76 #39-44, part (a) for each
  • Assignment #2 will be posted on the blog on Sunday (you could get a head start on a couple of questions)

PEI History 621B:  (Google Classroom code: wn3ir1e)

  • Project #1 (“Two Stories”) is STILL due today please submit via Google Classroom or by email (my email address is on the course outline, remember).  As of 2:30 pm, 11/12 students have their projects posted (and 9 are turned in).  I will check tomorrow morning to see what’s been submitted – an NHI will be entered in SAS for any missing projects, as per course guidelines, until they are received

Extra HelpTuesday-Wednesday, 3-4 pm (or at noon time/before class in the morning)


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