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Homework: Monday, Feb. 11

Posted in math homework, PEI history homework by cmmacaulay on February 11, 2019

Math 621A:

  • Complete from today: Page 407 #3
  • Assignment #2 due on Thursday at 12:15 pm
  • First test: looks like a week from tomorrow …

Math 611B:

  • Complete from today: Page 76 #13-16, 19; 53/54 part (b)
  • Assignment #2 due on Thursday at 12:15 pm

PEI History 621B:  (Google Classroom code: wn3ir1e)

  • To prepare for tomorrow: read through the first few pages of the notes bundle you received in class today

Extra HelpTuesday-Wednesday, 3-4 pm (or at noon time/before class in the morning)


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