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STORM DAY! Wednesday, Feb. 13

Posted in math homework, PEI history homework by cmmacaulay on February 13, 2019

Here we go again … a few things for you to do while you wait out the storm!

Math 621A:

  • Complete from yesterday: Pages 409-411 #6, 10 (use Desmos for regressions)
  • I’m adding these two problems: Pages 408-411 #4, 11* (again, use Desmos for #11)
    • For #11:  Use x = 0 to represent 1920-22, x = 10 to represent 1930-32, etc.  So the independent variable is x, which will represent time in years since 1920
  • Assignment #2 due on Friday at 12:15 pm (you can certainly work on some of this)
  • First test: looks like next Wednesday … details later this week

Math 611B:

  • Complete from yesterday: Pages 84-85 #1-5, 11-17
  • Please attempt these problems for today:  Page 85 #19, 20, 22, 23, 24
  • Assignment #2 due on Friday at 12:15 pm (you can work on all of this now!)

PEI History 621B:  

  • Complete questions/complete notes on “The First Islander” from yesterday’s class
  • I suggest you read over the guidelines from Project #2 (in the course outline/on the blog) and use the links mentioned in class yesterday to research the meaning/origin of your first/middle/last names – be sure to check at least a couple of different sites for each for consistency

Extra HelpTuesday and Thursday, 3-4 pm (or at noon time/before class in the morning) — re-scheduled to tomorrow evening due to today’s cancellation


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