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STORM DAY! Wednesday, Feb. 27

Posted in math homework, PEI history homework by cmmacaulay on February 27, 2019

A bit of a surprise today! — it’s really unfortunate that the Wellness Expo has to be postponed.  When we know the new date for the Expo, we’ll let you know.

Math 621A:

  • I’m not assigning any new work from the book today – but be absolutely sure that you’re caught up on any outstanding homework (we move on tomorrow) … check the last few homework posts if necessary
  • Assignment #4 STILL due on Friday at 12:15 pm (for now) – we’ll see how tomorrow goes, but we will cover what we need for questions #2 and #3 tomorrow (and #1 and 4 are review anyway!).  Do what you can on the assignment today
  • Test corrections deadline pushed back to tomorrow at 4 pm (in class, at noon, at break, and/or at extra help – lots of chances to get these done)

Math 611B:

  • Complete yesterday’s assigned work — I’m not assigning anything new from the book today, but I would ask you to try following yesterday’s method and formula to find the derivative of two simple functions:  y = 1/x and y = sqrt(x).  I’ll ask to see the attempt tomorrow in class … just give them a try (and use some old algebraic “tricks”)
  • Assignment #4 STILL due on Friday at 12:15 pm … no need to extend the deadline
  • Test corrections deadline pushed back to tomorrow at 4 pm 

PEI History 621B(No changes here, since we didn’t have class today anyway)

  • Complete review crossword for tomorrow’s class … we’ll correct it then
  • Test #2: STILL on Friday … details in class (covers everything to the end of today’s work)

Extra HelpTuesday and Thursday, 3-4 pm (or at noon time/before class in the morning) 


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