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STORM DAY! Monday, March 4

Posted in math homework, PEI history homework by cmmacaulay on March 4, 2019

Yet another storm day … how does this one affect our plans, and what are my expectations?  Read on to find out:

Math 621A:

  • Complete from Friday: Page 12 (notes) #7; Page 462 #6 (regression – Desmos)
  • For today: Please print a copy of this graphing lab, where we’ll introduce you to logarithmic functions.  Use Desmos (or an old-fashioned table of values with a regular calculator) to complete Part A ONLY – sketch the two graphs indicated on the grid (marking the scale – go by jumps of 1 for best results) and put a few similarities/differences for the two graphs in the space beside the grid.  If you can’t print this lab, do the work on a sheet of paper – and if you can’t see the lab here, it’s in the book on Page 475 (again, Part A ONLY).
  • Assignment #5 has been posted on the blog … there are a couple of review questions you can do on the back side.  We’ll leave the deadline on Thursday for now and see how tomorrow’s class goes first
  • A heads-up: Chapter 7 Test looking like next Monday (details this week; review questions on A#5)

Math 611B:

  • Complete from Friday: Page 105 #12; Page 124 #1-7, 25, 26
  • I’m adding just a couple of more textbook problems to work on:  Page 124 #27, 39, 40.  Just use the rules/patterns we discovered on Friday (these are on Pages 116-117, plus in Examples 1-2, Page 118) – we’ll formalize these tomorrow in class
  • Assignment #5 has been posted on the blog … there are certainly a couple of questions you can try today.  We’ll leave the deadline on Thursday for now and see how tomorrow’s class goes first

PEI History 621B:  

  • Complete the notes on Mi’kmaq culture and customs for tomorrow’s class, please … if you need to access an electronic copy of the textbook, click on the “online version of the textbook” link under the PEI History Links page – if you don’t have your other booklet at home, you’ll have to email me and I’ll send you another copy
  • Project #3 is due on Thursday – today’s a good chance to work that, and I’ve posted a copy of the expectations and layout for the project to get you started (I’ll post this on Google Classroom as well)

Extra HelpTuesday and Wednesday, 3-4 pm (or at noon time/before class in the morning) 


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