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EXAM REVIEWS — Math Courses

Each exam review document below is a pdf … click on the blue link to open, then print off if you wish.  The directions for each are contained within the document and are straight-forward.  Good luck with your review!

Online Review Quizzes:

  • Proceed to the Schoology registration site and click on “Student”.
  • Enter the access code for your course [I’ll provide this in class, or just email me for it] and click on “Continue”. Don’t forget the dash in the middle of the code — it’s not case sensitive.
  • Fill out the form that comes up with your information, then click “Register”.  Use an existing email account (to make things easier) and check OFF the “Receive Updates” box!
  • In the Course tab on the home page, you should see your course.  You’ll get a chance to take a tour of Schoology, if you like — that’s up to you.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.  Once you’re in, this is the login site.