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Math 421K Links

There are extra websites and examples of the topics we learn in class here; keep checking back because I’ll be adding to this page constantly!  Let me know about broken links and I’ll check those out too.

Extra Practice: Worksheets for Basic Drills [most with answers]

Consumerism (Chapter 1)

  • Place Value and Rounding:  If you need a little practice, try this puzzle or this football-themed game
  • Unit Price:  Some more examples and ones you can try here
  • Unit Price:  Here is a game you can try to see if you understand the concept
  • A video about comparing prices (I’ll show this to you in class)
  • Other videos with unit price examples:  Video #1; Video #2
  • An online currency converter
  • To convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit, use this online calculator (also some other conversions on here, like for pounds to kg)

Measuring Length (Chapter 2)

  • Converting between metric and imperial units (with conversion units), with temperature and lots of other measures: Math is Fun, IXL
  • The metric system: explanation and some examples of conversions

Measuring Area (Chapter 3)

  • Here’s a good website you can use to practice area (and perimeter) of rectangles; you can do the problems and have your answers checked as you go
  • This website has three videos about finding areas of composite shapes
  • Surface area of boxes (or rectangular prisms):  Video   Worksheet (with answers)

Getting Paid for Your Work (Chapter 4)

All About Angles (Chapter 5)

  • This website gives examples of angle types: acute, right, obtuse, etc.
  • Practice with using a protractor and measuring angles
  • Another site to practice with a protractor
  • Yet another site to practice measuring angles
  • Where are angles used in the real world?  Site #1
  • A good site that contains information and examples about angles, || lines, and transversals
  • Parallel Lines and Transversals:  Site #1, Site #2

Pythagorean Relationship (Chapter 6)

  • A nice page with an explanation and examples of how the relationship works
  • Another good page with a nice explanation and some examples of how the relationship works

Right Triangle Trigonometry (Chapter 7)

  • This handout has a simple set of explanations and some problems (with answers) … don’t worry about the last page, but the first four pages are great
  • A couple of examples involving finding a missing side of a right triangle
  • Examples of finding a missing angle in a right triangle
  • Some video examples of finding missing sides and angles in right triangles