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Math 521A Links

Given below are some extra websites and videos for each chapter.  You might use these for extra help or extra practice throughout the year.

Keep checking back often, as the list of resources will be updated continuously!!  Let me know about broken links.


General Links

  • HippoCampus Algebra – use the links on the right side to review algebra basics and much more.
  • PurpleMath – an excellent site.  Simply click on the topic of interest.
  • martensmath – a teacher’s online lessons for each section of our textbook (Foundations 11).  Just look for the section number (like 5.5), and be careful not to get into the 521B lessons!!
  • mrscantelon – very similar to the above site, but because the sites are not organized into playlists, you’ll have to go through and pick out our sections from our book–look for the section number and title
  • MathScienceX – a few videos for Foundations 11, and more being added
  • MrMunnsClass – a few good videos for our course here as well (trig, for instance)
  • pmssmathteacher — an excellent site.  About 300 videos here, covering pretty much everything we’ll do
  • PatrickJMT’s YouTube page – there are over 700 videos here … everything from basic arithmetic to calculus.  Use the search box on the page (e.g. “systems of linear equations”) to weed through the results, or click on “Videos” at the top, then on “Playlists” … he has everything organized by topic.
  • Mister2pi’s YouTube page – many more videos here — again, use the search box to narrow results.
  • No calculator at home?  Try this online scientific calculator.
  • An excellent collection of videos on many math topics can be found at the Khan Academy … use the “Jump to Topic” math tab a bit down the page on the left side.
  • Graphing programs I use in class (all are free downloads):  Graphmatica, Graph, GeoGebra

Review: Linear Equations and Linear Graphs (from Grade 10)

Chapter 1:  Reasoning (Inductive and Deductive)

Chapter 2: Properties of Angles and Triangles

  • Interior Angles of Polygons — a nice explanation of the Interior Angle Sum Theorem (with links at the bottom of the page to other polygon-related pages)

Chapters 3 and 4: Trigonometry

Chapter 5: Statistics

  • A little discussion of different types of distributions, including some frequency distributions and histograms (omit probability parts)
  • This site has basic information on histograms and on mean, median, mode, etc.
  • Some basic information for basic statistics:  mean; median; mode; standard deviation
  • A couple of mean/standard deviation calculators: Calculator 1, Calculator 2 Calculator 3 (note: choose population standard deviation to match our book)
  • A site that allows you to create your own histograms
  • A video describing the 68-95-99.7 Rule for the normal distribution
  • An intro to the normal distribution with a couple of examples involving probability
  • Other examples of standard normal distribution problems:  Site 1  Site 2
  • A standard normal distribution calculator (calculates area/probability to LEFT of z-score)

Chapter 6: Linear Inequalities

  • Some sites with examples:  Site 1, Site 2, Site 3 (includes some video examples); note that most websites do NOT show the “open circle” on the intersection of dashed boundary lines like you’re supposed to!
  • Video examples:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3Video 4 (a different shading method), Video 5, Video 6

Chapters 6 and 7: Quadratics (Relations and Equations)

  • A couple of good factoring review pages:  Site 1, Site 2, Site 3
  • A nice unit from Purple Math that deals with solving QEs, from factoring and beyond.  Page 5 deals with graphical solutions, and Page 6 has a good discussion of when to use each solution type (i.e., factoring versus the Quadratic Formula).
  • Four more examples of solving QEs by factoring can be found here
  • A video that describes solving by factoring AND works in solving by graphing
  • Need practice simplifying radicals?  Site 1  Site 2 (specifically the first set)
  • PatrickJMT has several good videos on his site: go here, then type “solving quadratic equations” in the search box
  • Some more useful videos/worked examples for solving quadratic equations (use the links on the right hand side of the page for more examples)
  • Here are some more good examples using the Quadratic Formula, plus another collection here with the proof of the Quadratic Formula

Chapter 8: Proportional Reasoning