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Math 621A & 621B Links

These links are organized by section to make it easier to locate them … but the 621A and 621B material is mixed together.  Although it’s sometimes indicated which material belongs to which course, proceed carefully all the same!

I’ll be changing and updating this page constantly, but let me know if you find any broken links!!

General Resources

Course Websites and Blogs [exact same courses and material as our own!]

  • 621A:  YouTube videos for each section (look for “Foundations 30”), more video lessons (“again, look for “Foundations 30”); plus some teacher websites: Site 1, and …
    • mrscantelon – lots of lessons here, but because the sites are not organized into playlists, you’ll have to go through and pick out our sections from our book–look for the section number and title
    • MathScienceX – a few videos for Foundations 12, and more being added
  • 621B:  Site 1, YouTube videos for each section, and more YouTube videos here (look for “Pre-Calc 30”)

Transformations [mostly 621B, a little in 621A]

  • A video of the basic graphs that every algebra student should know (and so will you, eventually)!  The first five minutes or so cover the basic graphs we’ve seen so far, and the rest we’ll encounter with time.
  • A nice summary of the basic transformations (but be warned: some of the rules and letters used don’t match our textbooks).
  • Here’s a nice little review of the basic transformations and some graphs of each.
  • Another collection worth a look
  • For 621B: some examples of the Sign Test for even and odd functions.
  • A bit of further information dealing with inverses of functions.
  • Function composition: nice examples and explanations

Exponents and
[in both courses, but logs get only a brief mention in 621A]

  • Khan Academy–several videos on exponents and logarithms; look under the “Algebra” section for logarithm links (middle column) and the “Algebra I Worked Examples” sections for exponents (middle column).
  • Here’s a decent page that shows the basic definition of logarithm, and a few examples too
  • This page shows the connection between exponents and logarithms via inverses
  • A bit of fun with Napier’s bones

Trigonometry [both courses, but we cover equations/identities in 621B]

Set Theory and Logic [621A]

Combinatorics and Probability [combinatorics in both, probability in 621A]

  • A quick lesson on factorials
  • This YouTube site has some excellent tutorials on set theory, permutations, combinations and statistics … just search for any of these in the search box on the page (click on the magnifying glass)
  • This page has some nice examples and good explanations, but ignore the “Combinations with Repeats” part at the very bottom of the page … we didn’t cover this!
  • Combinations and Permutations Calculator
  • Some examples of the FCP
  • Pascal’s Triangle: a nice explanation and applications can be found here
  • Some applets for experimental probability:  Spinner, Coin Toss,
  • A basics page on probability, with links to some nice little experiments that you can do yourself to practice the concepts
  • A nice set of examples concerning odds in probability

Consumerism [621A, though we cover compound interest in 621B as well]

Polynomials [mostly 621B, with a little bit done in 621A]

Set Theory and Logic [621A]

Regression and “Curves of Best Fit” [621A]