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Reference Links

Online Etymology DictionaryLearn about the origins of the words in our everyday language.

EasyBib –the free automatic bibliography and citation maker!

Citation Machine — Very similar to EasyBib: choose the type of source, type the information, then the citation is created for you!

** NOTE:  Remember to double-space citations and to indent the second, third, … lines of each one!

MLA Reference/Citation Guide — with examples

Another good site with examples (click on “list of works cited” on left)

Another VERY extensive list of various MLA examples

EBSCO — online databases for research purposes.  Some basic guidelines follow …

1.     Follow link on my blog under “Reference Links” on the right hand side.  [Already here!]

2.     Click on EBSCO, then enter login and password …  Login: peiebsco Password: database

3.     Once inside, click on EBSCOhost Web  (second one in the list).  Then click on Canadian Reference Centre.

4.     The search page comes up next.  Type some keywords in the search box at the top for a simple search.  Click on Advanced Search under the box first to have some other options you may use to narrow your search:

  • Check off the options Apply Related Words and Search within the full text at the top to expand your results.
  • Check off Full Text to see the entire text of the articles.
  • If you want to limit results to a certain time frame, enter those years where indicated.
  • You can select a certain Publication Type (e.g. newspaper, magazine, etc.) if you like, but to guarantee the best results, leave this at All at first.
  • If you’re looking for images, check off Image Quick View at the bottom, and you can select the types of images you want from the list at the right.

Click SEARCH at the bottom of the page once you’re satisfied.

5.     Results will be displayed in order from newest to oldest; click on HTML Full Text to see each article.

6.     There are options for printing and saving articles using the icons on the right side of the results page; anyone interested in saving their articles can talk to me about creating a folder for storing them.  When printing, don’t forget to check off the “Citation Format” option and make sure MLA is showing in the dropdown menu … then you’ll get the proper citation for your Works Cited page along with your document printout!

**  If you want the MLA citation on its own, click on Cite on the right side, then scroll down to the MLA version near the bottom of the list.  Be warned, though … the citation will NOT be double-spaced and indented on the second line; you must do this part on your own!

7.     To begin a new search, go to the top of the page to the search box, type your new words, and continue on as before.

8.     When done, click Exit at the top right corner of the page and you’ll log out.